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Photography – Images with Purpose, Images can say a thousand words, Make sure you are saying the right ones.

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There’s an old saying about first impressions

“With first impressions, you only get one”. In terms of marketing, the imagery and visuals found in your advertising content is essentially the first impression you will make with a customer. The importance of selecting the right images cannot be overstated. However, there is more to selecting the right visuals than just choosing an image to grab attention. There is even more to it than just picking a pretty picture. Images have the power to do so much more and engage in much deeper ways.

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While there are plenty of photographers in Fort Lauderdale to pick from, there is a difference between photography used simply for aesthetics and decoration, and photography used for marketing and advertising purposes. First a foremost, images using in marketing strategies must be able to communicate a message. Whether it be reinforcing a brand, or debuting a new product, the photos should be able to easily communicate your message with the audience.

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One way to make sure your Fort Lauderdale photographer understands the importance of crafting imagery with a clearly defined theme, or concept in mind. This helps to accomplish two main things. Firstly this helps make sure that your image doesn’t look dull, or like uninspired stock photography. By crating to a theme or some of sort of conceptual framework, the image becomes more unique and focused. Secondly, keeping a clearly defined concept in mind will help you make sure the image does not interfere, or confuse, your company’s established branding.

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Define the Concept

Along with clearly defining the concept, the photographer in Fort Lauderdale, FL must also make sure to keep in mind the format, or delivery, the image will ultimately go to. Will the image be used in an email marketing campaign? Will it be used on social media like Facebook or Instagram? It is important to select imagery that suits the platform. For example, you wouldn’t want to use a panoramic photo on Instagram no matter how pretty the photo may be because Instagram works much better with square images.

“A good image should not only improve the design quality of your marketing and advertising campaigns, it should also engage the audience emotionally. Campaigns that contain imagery that can emotionally connect with audiences are more memorable, and will leave a lasting impression on your audience. After all, people often make their decisions on feeling and emotion rather than reason and logic.”

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Last, but certainly not least, you must always keep quality in mind. Make sure the photography agency you find in Fort Lauderdale can produce high-resolution images free of compositional mistakes, like bad cropping, or out of focus visuals. There are many people claiming to be photographers in Fort Lauderdale but that doesn’t always mean they can produce quality content. Remember the power that visuals have over an advertising campaign. While a good set of photos or other visuals can greatly enhance your marketing efforts, poor visuals can be disastrous for a marketing campaign, even if the copy is well written.