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Inspirational Art 4u - Inspirational Artwork Pictures by the inspired artist Edward McNaught-Davis

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Caerfai Bay


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Swiss Alps Impasto

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Bluebell Fairy

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Children Seated

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Military Sky Van

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Inspirational Art4u promotes new inspirational artwork pictures in the form of inspirational paintings and inspirational cartoons created by Edward McNaught-Davis, the British inspired artist, living and working in Ceredigion, Wales. And that person is me! Also shown are reproduction prints, beautiful greeting cards, digital illustrations and digital animations.

All the diversified artwork shown on this site was created solely by me for you to enjoy and perhaps, for you to buy; either the original inspired painting or its associated reproduction print.

So feast your eyes on my many colourful paintings (over 75 are displayed, in a variety of traditional, abstract and unusual themes, on this online paintings gallery) or view my selection of funny inspirational cartoons.

Be sure to see my collection of digital illustrations and digital animations too.

I live and work, off the beaten track, in the Llanon region, near Aberystwyth, in mid West Wales; where I am inspired by much of the varying beauty of the Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire countryside and their respective coastlines. I have travelled extensively throughout the World too but the magical beauty of Wales always brings me back!

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Buying My Inspirational Artwork Pictures

Buying my original inspirational artwork (either paintings or cartoons) is straight forward. My How to Buy written guidelines are a summary of my business terms and are hopefully self explanatory but feel free to contact me directly to discuss any intended purchase(s). I maintain a seven day Returns Policy.

Purchasing any of my reproduction prints or beautiful greeting cards is handled solely by my respective suppliers and the trail to do so starts by following an appropriate link adjacent to several of my displayed pictures. My suppliers maintain their own business terms and return/refund policies.

Commissioning Me to Paint Specifically for You

Commissioning me to produce inspirational artwork pictures specifically for you is straight forward too. My commissions artwork guidelines will tell you how to go about this or just drop me a line by email and we can go from there.

My Beautiful Greeting Card Range

Currently, I have a very small selection of beautiful greeting cards as I have recently changed my print supplier. My intention is to expand my greeting card range later this year.

Inspirational Painting Preferences

My preference is to paint/illustrate scenes depicting escapism and freedom but with a sense of contemporary responsibility. The common theme among all of my inspired paintings is the vivid sense of colour used to enhance a scene.  I strive to achieve the right balance of colour to make the picture come alive so that you, the viewer, will feel part of it.

Welcomed Spiritual Interferences within my paintings

I am inspired to do many of my paintings and it is quite common these days for faces and illustrations of people and animals to appear in my work which I did not consciously put there. These additional and welcomed spiritual interferences are of subtle quality and blend in well with the composition.

Once you have spotted them though, it is difficult not to see them again. One such inspirational painting is entitled, Inverted Lights. Some of my clients have seen faces and torso inclusions that I hadn’t noticed too!

Painting Sizes and Painting Mediums Used

I paint in a variety of picture sizes ranging from miniatures or small paintings up to very large canvasses some of which have been the height of a standard door. I am skilled at using different painting mediums too such as oil paints, acrylic paints and watercolours for the “wet” mediums.

My preference for the dry mediums is to use oil pastels and occasionally chalk pastels in addition to pencil, crayon and charcoal. Being skilled in many different mediums allows me to transpose one technique to another; to develop new creative approaches.

Although the continual marketing of my work is very time consuming, I still find the time to paint or illustrate or even doodle something at least once a day. I’m always on the lookout for someone truly professional and who knows the international art market well,to help promote and to sell my work.

My Displayed Artwork Pictures

My displayed inspirational artwork pictures are competitively priced and will be affordable to most people who love art. Each painting or colour cartoon displayed has its relevant details supplied alongside it; such as its size, the painting medium and support/ground used plus its price and whether any reproduction prints are available. In addition, a short commentary accompanies each picture to give it a more informative focus.

New Art

New Art Paintings are my latest paintings to be shown on this web site. I have many more new paintings to show and these will be displayed on this site soon.

Previous Artwork Picture Sales and Published Works

My inspirational paintings and inspired cartoons hang in private collections within the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Greece, Russia, Australia, Brazil, Canada and the USA.

Some of my artwork has been published internationally over the last 35 years and some of my designs were incorporated into good selling products of which the drunken snoring chicken was a fun one.

My inspirational paintings and inspirational cartoons have been shown on UK Television and are sometimes shown at various town exhibitions as well as being displayed on many other internet art galleries.of which I am a member.