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Inspirational Art 4u - Inspirational Artwork Pictures by the inspired artist Edward McNaught-Davis

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Renaissance Sunset

Oil Pastel on Paper

240 mm x 160 mm

(9.45 x 6.30 inches)

Price: GBP 295.00

original sunsets paintings,Renaissance Sunset oil pastel painting image,

About the Painting: Renaissance Sunset

This original sunset painting can only be described as pure inspiration with not much conscious effort on my part. It started off as a scribble and then migrated to a doodle. I recall concentrating on it for well over an hour but not being aware of my concentration at the same time!  If you look into the clouds you will see many different faces of people and beasts; none of which were consciously put there by me. A similar painting albeit with different colours is available as a contemporary art print.

Pembs Sunset

Oil Pastel on Card

170 mm x 125 mm

(6.69 x 4.92 inches)

Price: GBP 45.00

original sunsets paintings,Pembs Sunset oil pastel painting image,

About the Painting: Pembs Sunset

This Pembrokeshire Winter sunset landscape painting is a quick abstract sketch of the West Pembrokeshire coast. The viewpoint overlooks New Gale beach. Oil Pastels offer a quick way to see tangible results and with the right depth of colour but they can be quite difficult to work and much skill needs to be applied to get the desired effect. A similar painting to this one is entitled Pembs Coastline.

Dusk at White Sands

Oils on Canvas

559 mm x 457 mm

(22 x 18 inches)

Price: Please Enquire

original sunset paintings,paintings sunsets wales,dusk at white sands painting image,

About the Painting: Dusk at White Sands

White Sands is the name of a small beach close to St. David’s City in Pembrokeshire, West Wales. This original sunset painting’s composition looks similar to many idyllic spots within the Aegean but this really is West Wales! This particular original sunset painting was achieved using oil paints on a stretched canvas. A newer oil painting is called Carew Castle Tower Steps and it shows much more technical skill.

original sunset paintings,paintings sunsets wales,cows drinking painting image,

Cows Drinking

Acrylic on Canvas

250 mm x 180 mm

(9.76 x 7.13 inches)

original sunset paintings,paintings sunsets wales,cows drinking painting,sold notice,

About the Painting: Cows Drinking

These cows are drinking on Cors Caron which is also known as Tregaron Bog; believed to be Europe’s oldest Peat bog. If you like this original sunset painting then you might like to see another painting of cows on Cors Caron although not infused with yellow sunlight. If you have a favourite scene that you would like me to paint for you then please see the details on how to commission me.

Sunset over Preseli

Oil Pastel on Card

268 mm x 190 mm

(10.55 x 7.48 inches)

Price: GBP 180.00

original sunsets paintings,Sunset over Preseli oil pastel painting image,

About the Painting:Sunset over Preseli

An original sunset painting showing the Preseli’s - a small mountain range to the East of Cardigan and Fishguard. The best parts to visit are along the numerous valley floors although walking along the top of the hills/mountain will afford spectacular views. Some artistic licence has been used to portray the Preseli mountains but the sunset light is a faithful reproduction on that seen. Other original sunset paintings are shown on the mountain paintings (UK) page.

Ffynnon Ddewi Sunset

Acrylic & Ink on Paper

297 mm x 131 mm

(7.76 x 5.16 inches)

Price: GBP 80.00

original sunsets paintings,Ffynnon Ddewi Sunset painting image,

About the Painting: Ffynnon Ddewi Sunset

Depending upon who you ask, Ffynnon Ddewi can either mean “Cross of St David” or “Well of St. David”. This sunset painting was created on private farm land overlooking the Preseli Mountains near Cardigan. A sea mist was coming inland and the sunset light had diffused into it creating an overall balmy effect. If you enjoy original sunset paintings with a Summery yellow haze then the seascape paintings of Wales are worth viewing and in particular Rough Pembrokeshire Seas.

Original Sunsets Paintings

Original sunsets paintings are one of my passions as there are so many different colours to see. I enjoy painting them all and in all types of art medium to suit the mood.  Renaissance Sunset was an inspired painting and so was Sunset over Preseli. The Pembs Sunset sunset painting was a quick abstract sketch whereas the Welsh sunset painting titled as Ffynnonddewi Sunset involved much more work and skill. Dusk at White Sands was achieved with water soluble oil paints on stretched canvas. The landscape for Cows Drinking is a favourite Tregaron haunt of mine and other paintings from the same landscape such as Tregaron Bog and Cors Caron Cows will reflect this although they are not paintings of sunsets.

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