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Copyright ©Edward McNaught-Davis 2002 to 2015. All Rights Reserved.

Seascape Paintings of Wales from the West Wales Coastline

Seascape paintings of Wales by the seascape artist from Wales is me, Edward McNaught-Davis.  Shown on this page are just a small selection of my Welsh seascape paintings. Caerfai Bay was achieved with a glazing (aka layering) technique by using thin washes of acrylic paint to build up layers. Two of the seascape paintings below were created using oil pastels as the painting medium; these are entitled Pembs Coastline and Rough Pembrokeshire Seas. The watercolour (water color) painting entitled Marloes Sands shows an unusual perspective of the beach and its surroundings. Interference is a coastal painting that was made with a different type of acrylic paint known as interference paint. If you enjoy water paintings then you might enjoy viewing the water paintings from Ceredigion (Cardiganshire) or the waterfall paintings from Wales. Original sunset paintings include some seascape paintings from Wales and so do the boats paintings.

Online Paintings Gallery | Seascape Paintings of Wales


Acrylic on Paper

308 mm x 230 mm

(12.13 x 9.06 inches)

Price: GBP 195.00

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About the Painting: Interference

This seascapes painting is a scene near to St. David’s on the Pembrokeshire coast, West Wales. Special acrylic paints were used to achieve its shimmering colours and these are known as interference Acrylics hence the title of the painting. These paints have unpredictable results and thus much work had to be done to control their final look. This seascape painting was completed in one sitting. The painting entitled, Pembs Sunset shows the Pembs Coastline further south to this painting of the sea.

Pembs Coastline

Oil Pastel on Paper

295 mm x 210 mm

(11.61 x 8.27 inches)

Price: GBP 95.00

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About the Painting: Pembs Coastline

“Pembs” is short for Pembrokeshire and this part of the Wales coastline shows the Western side of Pembrokeshire. The painting was achieved in one sitting, using the dry media of oil pastels, during a Winter day. This picture was shown on UK television during the late 90’s along with many other of my artworks including some of my funny inspirational cartoons. Marloes Sands (below) is also part of the Pembs Coastline.

Marloes Sands

Watercolour on Paper

393 mm x 276 mm

(15.47 x 10.87 inches)

Price: GBP 165.00

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About the Painting: Marloes Sands

Marloes Sands is a beautiful unspoiled beach hidden away on the South West Pembrokeshire coastline. I captured this scene in watercolours on an early Summer’s day and finished it off in my studio later. The feint island in the distance is a nature reserve. The calm sea shown is in direct contrast to that captured in Rough Pembrokeshire Seas.

Rough Pembrokeshire Seas

Oil Pastel on Paper

297 mm x 210 mm

(11.69 x 8.27 inches)

Price: GBP 175.00

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About the Painting: Rough Pembrokeshire Seas

The inspiration for this oil pastel painting came from many coastal areas along Pembrokeshire’s rugged coastline. The intention was to show the swell and froth of the sea as it draws back to re-muster its energy to advance once more with great force by pounding the rocks on the shore. Sometimes the Pembrokeshire sea is quite calm as shown in my painting of Dusk at White Sands.

About the Painting: Caerfai Bay

Caerfai Bay is the nearest beach to St. David’s in Pembrokeshire. The cliffs comprise mainly a purple and red sandstone. St. David’s Cathedral seems to have been built from this stone as evidenced by its stone colouring. I tweaked some of the composition, such as the distant cliffs to give this seascape painting more depth. The Welsh word Caer translates to meaning castle in English but I do not know the meaning of Fai. My Interference painting is within the same vicinity.

Caerfai Bay

Acrylic on Canvas

508 mm x 407 mm

(20 x 16 inches)

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